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[10:46] <HenryH> Hi all
[10:53] <Weiss> morning
[12:13] <HenryH> Nova made slashdot :|
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[14:41] <a1fa> so
[14:41] <a1fa> back to my ? from yesterday,
[14:42] <a1fa> anybody know of a cheap gps logger?
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[15:47] <ninjatuna> get one for free, steal it
[15:47] <ninjatuna> LOL
[15:48] <ninjatuna> http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/03/39_gps_logger.html
[15:48] <ninjatuna> http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=657#
[15:48] <ninjatuna> but out of stock
[15:48] <ninjatuna> lol
[15:51] <ninjatuna> nm its module only
[15:51] <ninjatuna> unless u got spare sd card , battery and attenna
[15:51] <ninjatuna> lol
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[17:20] <jcoxon> hey all
[17:21] <jcoxon> hows the server holding up HenryH ?
[17:21] <jcoxon> hehe
[17:41] <Weiss> jcoxon: only just :S
[17:41] <Weiss> which is a little irritating since it hosts loads of other student websites
[17:41] <jcoxon> i seem to remember that srcf publish their load logs somewhere
[17:41] <jcoxon> oh i know - i can't access my srcf account
[17:42] <jcoxon> lucky i moved :-D
[17:50] <Weiss> hehe
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[18:54] <a1fa> ah i was afk
[18:54] <a1fa> can somebody send me the last 5lines
[18:56] <jcoxon> oh we were only talking about CU spaceflight being /.ed
[18:57] <jcoxon> and how the server has other sites on it which are hard to access
[19:01] <a1fa> i need a gps logger
[19:02] <jcoxon> right
[19:03] <jcoxon> are you willing to make one? or buy one
[19:03] <jcoxon> ?
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[19:15] <ehj20> somebodies server got a bit of a bashing today then? :)
[19:15] <icez> :|
[19:17] <ehj20> http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/09/19/2312240
[19:17] <a1fa> buy one
[19:17] <a1fa> something cheap
[19:17] <a1fa> i need it for my motorcycle
[19:18] <a1fa> ehj20 : assholes stole your glory
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[19:20] <ehj20> ummm, okay...
[19:22] <a1fa> anyway.. i need a small and dirty gps logger
[19:25] <ehj20> a1fa: what's the platform?
[19:27] <a1fa> motorcycle
[19:31] <ehj20> are you wanting to hack something together? One solution used by a few people here is a gumstix (http://www.gumstix.com) connected a standard GPS receiver. You might just want a commercial satnav system?
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[19:39] <a1fa> whatever is cheaper
[19:39] <a1fa> if i want to do gumstix
[19:39] <a1fa> i would have to spit out a lot of money
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[20:59] <[1]tuna> just get a psp with gps reciever when it comes out lol
[21:03] <icez> :/
[21:03] <icez> gumstix are cheaper than PSP's
[21:03] <[1]tuna> not unless u have one already
[21:03] <[1]tuna> :P
[21:03] Nick change: [1]tuna -> tunapie
[21:05] <tunapie> psp's also has other features ;) he could watch a film whilst he drives lol or stop outside a place with unprotected wifi and surf the web hehe
[21:10] <icez> :/
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