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[04:08] <kc0wys> well i'm sure y'all in the uk are hearing a whole lot about this thwarted terrorist attack
[04:08] <kc0wys> :/
[04:11] <Tiger^> not only in the uk
[04:11] <Tiger^> here the authorities have gone apeshit too
[04:11] <Tiger^> as if there was a threat in poland ;)
[04:12] <kc0wys> well you can't really be too cautious -- i suppose they could change targets at the last minute if they decided to
[04:12] <kc0wys> really all they want to do is make a statement, and they'll do that no matter what race they bomb, as long as it's not themselves :P
[04:12] <kc0wys> tis what i gather...
[04:14] <Tiger^> i think this whole thing's just a show
[04:15] <Tiger^> i'm not a conspiracy freak, but even if there really was a threat
[04:15] <Tiger^> like, say, 20 guys that wanted to blow up a plane
[04:16] <Tiger^> they're making too much noise about it
[04:16] <Tiger^> the uk and us governments, i mean
[04:17] <Tiger^> to justify more restrictions
[04:17] <Tiger^> "counter-terrorism" acts and all
[04:18] <Tiger^> citizen rights are becoming more and more limited
[04:18] <Tiger^> and people actually like it! 'cause it's for their good of course! ;)
[04:18] <defy> one of the many reasons i love living in nz :P
[04:19] <defy> noone wants to mess with us, we're too small
[04:19] <Tiger^> defy: don't be too happy yet
[04:19] <Tiger^> defy: Auckland March against the NZ police trial of tasers
[04:19] <Tiger^> defy: http://www.campaignagainstthetaser.com/
[04:19] <Tiger^> ;)
[04:19] <defy> lol
[04:20] <defy> I'm all for tasers
[04:20] <Tiger^> have you read the amnesty report on their use in the US? ;)
[04:21] <Tiger^> if not, read it. a real eye-opener
[04:21] <defy> I've used them, and stun guns, and own a stun gun (illegally, but oh well) here in nz..they're much better to the alternative
[04:22] <Tiger^> defy: yeah, they are way better than lethal force
[04:22] <Tiger^> defy: but they're becoming to be *the* way of problem solving
[04:22] <defy> the thing people here don't get is, if you dont want to get tazed, don't break the law...lol...people in nz love to make noise about how bad the criminals are treated
[04:23] <Tiger^> defy: in some us departments tasing is just above verbal commands on the list
[04:24] <Tiger^> defy: and there've been multiple cases of tasers being used on children
[04:24] <Tiger^> etc, etc.
[04:24] <defy> well those are seperate cases that need to be treated seperately, cant blame the taser...only the user
[04:25] <Tiger^> yeah, obviously nobody blames the device
[04:26] <Tiger^> but the rules on tasers are inconsistent and poorly prepared
[04:33] <kc0wys> well whatever i'll have a taser over a 9mm through my brain any day ;)
[04:34] <Tiger^> kc0wys: would you do anything that would, umm, justify ;) putting a 9mm bullet into your brain? ;)
[04:35] <defy> hehe
[04:35] <defy> Tiger^ thats not to say they'll be poorly prepared in nz
[04:36] <defy> as far as I'm aware, every cop that gets to use one here, has to have it used on themselves first
[04:36] <defy> same with pepper spray
[04:36] <Tiger^> it's the same in the US
[04:36] <defy> yea
[04:36] <Tiger^> and it doesn't make a difference.
[04:37] <defy> I'm sure it does, its not the type of situation where you can just say it does or doesn't make a difference, clear cut down the board..
[04:38] <Tiger^> read the amnesty report, really :)
[04:38] <defy> I can guarantee it wont make any difference
[04:38] <Tiger^> http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR511392004
[04:38] <Tiger^> here it is.
[04:38] <kc0wys> Tiger^: no i wouldnt
[04:40] <defy> most of what I see there leads back to human stupidity
[04:42] <Tiger^> who do you mean by human? :)
[04:42] <Tiger^> the cops or the perps? ;)
[04:42] <defy> both :P, but mostly the cops
[04:42] <Tiger^> yeah
[04:43] <Tiger^> the problem is, i'd be afraid to give many of these guys a baton
[04:43] <Tiger^> let alone a taser or a gun
[04:43] <defy> afraid? really?
[04:43] <defy> i've never been afraid of a cop :P
[04:44] <Tiger^> but there's of course the question of criminals having these batons, tasers and guns, blah blah blah ;)
[04:44] <defy> they're generally very easily to deal with
[04:44] <defy> easy*
[04:44] <Tiger^> i've been afraid of cops.
[04:44] <Tiger^> and i haven't done anything.
[04:44] <defy> why?
[04:44] <defy> they're just people
[04:45] <Tiger^> 'cause these guys are, like, above the law
[04:45] <Tiger^> and yes, they're just people
[04:45] <defy> not they arne't..they all have someone to answer to
[04:45] <Tiger^> in NZ, yes
[04:45] <Tiger^> not here.
[04:45] <defy> in america too, I am american, so I know what its like there
[04:46] <Tiger^> yeah, in america too
[04:46] <Tiger^> BUT
[04:46] <defy> I grew up in california and hawaii, we had cops at our schools
[04:46] <Tiger^> it's not always the case
[04:46] <defy> guns, pepper spray, all that...I've never had a reason to be afraid of them...
[04:46] <defy> I used to hide out the back of my art class and smoke with them :P
[04:46] <Tiger^> hehe
[04:46] <Tiger^> i mean, if there's your word and a cop's word
[04:47] <defy> yea but if you've put yourself in that situation you deserve what you're gona get anyway
[04:47] <defy> it takes quite a bit of stupidity to get on a cops bad side
[04:47] <defy> at least, thats what I've always found
[04:47] <Tiger^> well
[04:47] <Tiger^> if the world was perfect, then yes
[04:47] <Tiger^> but it's not
[04:48] <defy> the world doesn't have to be perfect to be able to talk yourself out of most situations
[04:48] <defy> cops are simple to deal with, you just dont give them a reason to get angry, and they wont try to screw you over
[04:50] <defy> if you're gona be afraid of police, you may as well be afraid of every person walking the streets
[04:50] <defy> they're far more likely to be corrupt than the cops :P
[04:50] <Tiger^> i'm not
[04:50] <defy> and thats just no way to live
[04:51] <Tiger^> and if some guy on the street, like, wants to beat me up 'cause he has a bad day or something
[04:51] <Tiger^> or he wants to rob me
[04:51] <Tiger^> i can defend myself
[04:51] <Tiger^> if a cop has a bad day well... you're screwed
[04:52] <defy> but the chances of a cop going awol and attacking vs a joe smooe going awol and attacking are far less
[04:52] <defy> either way, I'm all for tasers
[04:52] <defy> i wonder if all the anti taser marching people would appreciate me showing up with my stun gun
[04:53] <defy> i bet the cops wouldn't, lol
[04:53] <Tiger^> hehe
[04:53] <Tiger^> you know, maybe it's a polish thing
[04:54] <Tiger^> here during the fifty years of communism
[04:54] <defy> oh you're in poland, i thought you were in america
[04:54] <Tiger^> when there was a crime - and i mean a real crime, not political bullshit
[04:54] <Tiger^> yeah
[04:54] <Tiger^> they didn't perform an investigation at all
[04:54] <defy> i really have no idea what the law is like there
[04:55] <Tiger^> they just picked out a guy from a number of suspects
[04:55] <Tiger^> and beat him up
[04:55] <Tiger^> and/or tortured
[04:55] <Tiger^> 'till he signed a confession
[04:55] <Tiger^> and that was it.
[04:55] <Tiger^> of course it's different now
[04:56] <Tiger^> but the fear stays
[04:56] <Tiger^> plus, pretty much all judges and many attorneys are still there since the communist era
[04:57] <defy> that sucks =/
[04:57] <Tiger^> and these are the people who sent other people behind the bars for nothing
[04:57] <Tiger^> and in fact it sometimes still happens
[04:57] <Tiger^> i mean, every law system has its infamous mistakes
[04:58] <defy> yea, that sounds bad though :P
[04:58] <defy> were you born there?
[04:58] <Tiger^> yeah
[04:58] <Tiger^> behind the damn iron curtain, hehe ;)
[04:58] <defy> hehe
[04:59] <defy> i just bought me one of these, http://www.precisionheli.com/ I hope it arrives soon
[04:59] <Tiger^> neat
[05:01] <Tiger^> my first thought: i wonder if you can attach a small payload to it ;>
[05:02] <kc0wys> defy, well said :)
[05:14] <defy> hehe
[05:14] <defy> i've tried attaching things to my micro
[05:14] <defy> i doubt the mini micro will have much luck, the entire thing is only 50grams
[05:14] <defy> my my micro can lift about 80grams, enough for my little jpeg camera and wireless module
[05:49] <kc0wys> :( oh well
[05:55] <kc0wys> woo finished putting on the space blanket
[05:55] <kc0wys> http://kc0wys.homeunix.com/projects/ensure2/unfinished-box-full.JPG
[05:58] <defy> sweet
[06:44] <icez> pretty box
[06:45] <icez> looks like it was made out of aluminum
[06:45] <icez> :/
[06:45] <icez> well, if it didn't have all those wrinkles
[06:47] <icez> wewps
[06:47] <icez> i'm a bit late to talk about that
[06:47] <icez> ohh
[06:48] <icez> i thought it was metallic tape
[06:48] <icez> lol:/
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