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[02:20] <kc0wys> wow another power glitch
[02:20] <kc0wys> this one was scary
[02:21] <kc0wys> there were three surges, and at each surge one of my three monitors, which are lined up on my desk, turned off in sequence
[02:26] <krim> :s
[02:38] <Tiger^> hehe
[03:14] <krim> kc0wys, anything from faa yet ?
[03:16] <kc0wys> nooooooooooooooooooo
[03:16] <kc0wys> ok i won't say this until i'm sure...
[03:16] <kc0wys> nothing from the faa
[03:16] <kc0wys> i'll have to call back again tomorrow
[03:17] <kc0wys> i think i just screwed the ccd sensor on my camera, tho
[03:17] <kc0wys> all it returns are orange pictures
[03:19] <kc0wys> oh i am so screwed
[03:23] <kc0wys> heh
[03:23] <kc0wys> there went saturday's launch
[03:24] <kc0wys> well so much for that
[03:24] <kc0wys> !@#@!$@!!
[03:24] <kc0wys> luckily, i have a backup camera
[03:24] <kc0wys> but i'll have to spend tomorrow getting it to work
[03:27] <kc0wys> now i know why the camera lasted so long on three batteries!
[03:27] <kc0wys> because the ccd, the main power consumer, was burnt out!
[03:27] <kc0wys> haha
[03:27] <kc0wys> silly me
[03:27] <kc0wys> ppppph!!!
[03:40] <krim> crap :/
[03:41] <krim> ill go buy some hardware tomorrow :]
[03:42] <krim> nighty night
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[04:28] <kc0wys> this is not funny
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[16:55] <icez> hi rocketboy
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[17:35] <kc0wys> hola
[17:37] <icez> hop
[17:37] <kc0wys> well my cam went bust
[17:37] <kc0wys> so now i gotta use a crap 1.3mp cam :(
[17:38] <kc0wys> the memory card slot is broke, so it can only use it's built-in 8mb memory, which holds ~40 pics :/
[17:42] <rocketboy> oops - I was snoozing - hi guys
[17:45] <kc0wys> hio
[17:46] <rocketboy> anyone lanch anything recently?
[17:46] <rocketboy> =launch
[17:46] <kc0wys> am launching in 2 days
[17:46] <kc0wys> if everything goes well
[17:48] <rocketboy> what sort of payload are you carrying?
[17:49] <kc0wys> http://kc0wys.homeunix.com/projects/ensure
[17:49] <kc0wys> it's an 8lb plystyrene box
[17:49] <kc0wys> polystyrene*
[17:51] <rocketboy> just looking - I'm G8KHW by the way
[17:52] <kc0wys> oh kewl
[17:57] <rocketboy> wow - so thats a laptom less the LCD screen?
[17:57] <rocketboy> =laptop
[17:58] <rocketboy> and the hard disk is replaced by flash?
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[18:06] <kc0wys> yea
[18:06] <kc0wys> and less keyboard, trackpad, upper case plastic, battery, cdrom, floppy...
[18:06] <kc0wys> it's all stripped down
[18:07] <kc0wys> just the motherboard, a cf-to-ide adaptor, and a 1gb cf card
[18:07] <kc0wys> the pages are kinda old, though
[18:07] <kc0wys> there's a lot more in there now
[18:08] <rocketboy> doesn't the bios test all of those things are present?
[18:09] <rocketboy> (thinks - I have at least 3 old laptops)
[18:24] <kc0wys> no
[18:24] <kc0wys> not mine, at least
[18:25] <kc0wys> it doesnt care if there's no trackpad or mouse
[18:25] <kc0wys> the cdrom and floppy drives are external, anyway
[18:25] <kc0wys> and i've wired up a voltage regulator to the power jack so it doesnt need the battery, which is dead anyways
[18:30] <rocketboy> I think I'll give mine a try - what are you running DOS/Windows/Linux?
[18:31] <kc0wys> windows :(
[18:31] <kc0wys> because that's what i'm used to
[18:31] <kc0wys> people say that's a bad reason, but i'm in a time crunch
[18:32] <kc0wys> more specifically, windows 2000
[18:32] <rocketboy> there is somthing to be said for sticking to what you know
[18:32] <kc0wys> it's faster than 98 on my machine
[18:32] <kc0wys> yeah...
[18:32] <rocketboy> and you write code in C?
[18:33] <kc0wys> basic
[18:33] <kc0wys> visualbasic and freebasic
[18:33] <kc0wys> i wrote the rtty transmit code in freebasic, and the rest in vb
[18:33] <kc0wys> again, it's what i'm used to
[18:33] <kc0wys> although this was my first time with vb
[18:33] <kc0wys> (used to program realbasic on the macs)
[18:34] <kc0wys> they are very similar, though
[18:36] <rocketboy> And I guess you can also use DOS batch files etc.
[18:39] <kc0wys> yeah, tho i don't
[18:40] <kc0wys> i use command line programs to access the parallel port, though
[18:46] <rocketboy> Ah - you use the parrallel port bits to fire cameras/cutdown etc?
[18:48] <kc0wys> ya
[18:48] <kc0wys> and rotate a mirror, things like that
[18:48] <kc0wys> it's slick
[18:49] <rocketboy> neat
[18:50] <rocketboy> an excellent re-use of old equipment
[18:55] <kc0wys> not too old
[18:55] <kc0wys> tis more powerful than the pittly little gumstixes, and much cheaper I might add ;)
[18:55] <kc0wys> not to bash them or anything, but they are a little pricey
[19:04] <rocketboy> agreed
[19:06] <rocketboy> I wonder if I can get my PC to boot off a flash card or USB flash - rather than the disk
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[22:37] <kc0wys> they're writing about my project in the local newspaper!
[22:37] <kc0wys> woot :D
[22:38] <Tiger^> nice
[22:41] <Tiger^> here they didn't even put a note on a last page about mine
[22:41] <Tiger^> they would, if i drank too much beer and caused a car accident
[22:41] <Tiger^> not launch a stupid balloon
[22:42] <Tiger^> ;>
[23:02] <kc0wys> yeah
[23:02] <kc0wys> there was a big article today about a guy who abandoned his house in this nice neighborhood
[23:02] <kc0wys> he stuffed the house with garbage, then left with his wife
[23:02] <kc0wys> he has compulsive hoarding disorder or something
[23:03] <kc0wys> there's just a lot of junk in the paper
[23:05] <Tiger^> yeah
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[23:27] <kc0wys> hi
[23:29] <kc0wys> expect a launch at 15:00 GMT :)
[23:29] <kc0wys> saturday, that is
[23:29] <kc0wys> July 29
[23:31] <LaurenceB> Is this a Nova launch?
[23:36] <kc0wys> naw, it's my launch :)
[23:36] <phatmonkey> LaurenceB, kc0wys is from the US
[23:36] <phatmonkey> how's it going anyway?
[23:37] <LaurenceB> Year cool thanks, I've just round to installing an IRC client!
[23:42] <phatmonkey> nice :D
[23:42] <phatmonkey> you from the nova project then?
[23:42] <phatmonkey> kc0wys, how's the balloon going?
[23:43] <LaurenceB> I launched the so called MiHAB balloon (Miniature high altitude balloon)
[23:43] <phatmonkey> ah right, yes
[23:43] <phatmonkey> is there a site for that? there's not much information on it anywhere
[23:44] <phatmonkey> i liked the pics, they were quite artistic ;)
[23:44] <kc0wys> balloon's going fine, apart from a busted camera
[23:44] <kc0wys> due to supply overvoltage
[23:44] <kc0wys> :/
[23:44] <phatmonkey> dang
[23:44] <phatmonkey> yay, log rotation working
[23:44] <phatmonkey> i shall get this script on the ukhas wiki
[23:46] <LaurenceB> I'm afraid there's just the pictures on James Coxons site at the moment
[23:47] <LaurenceB> I might put up I site about MiHAB soon if I can find time
[23:48] <LaurenceB> Working on a new payload now, with 3M pixel camera and temperature logging
[23:52] <malgar> LaurenceB, how much in miniature?
[23:52] <malgar> :)
[23:53] <phatmonkey> nice stuff
[23:53] <LaurenceB> Yes it's not really very small anymore, maybe macroballoon would be better!
[23:53] <phatmonkey> LaurenceB, you can just put up some information on the ukhas wiki if you want!
[23:53] <phatmonkey> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/
[23:53] <phatmonkey> i've been dumping my information there
[23:54] <LaurenceB> Cool i'll try it out :)
[23:55] <malgar> how much weight the payload?
[23:55] <LaurenceB> 400/500 grams, it's not finished yet
[23:56] <phatmonkey> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/code#bash_script_to_rotate_and_gzip_log_files if anyone's interested
[23:58] <kc0wys> whee new cam's ready :)
[23:58] <phatmonkey> yay :D
[23:58] <LaurenceB> Cool! good luck
[23:59] <phatmonkey> do leave your communication software running for as long as possible with something transmitting random data either
[23:59] <phatmonkey> way
[23:59] <phatmonkey> right up to the flight!
[23:59] <kc0wys> alright, will do
[23:59] <phatmonkey> pah, my right pinky has some sort of twitch that makes it hit the enter button whenever i pause to think
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