[00:00] <krim_> mmH=1 mmHe=2
[00:00] <macfreak4> "As a rule of thumb, 1 cubic meter of hydrogen lifts 1.1 kilogram, 1 m3 of helium lifts 1 kg and 1 m3 of hot air lifts 300 grams."
[00:00] <macfreak4> not much difference
[00:01] <macfreak4> hydrogen may be 1/2 the mass of helium, but the *lift* won't be twice
[00:02] <krim_> oh didnt know
[00:03] <macfreak4> a faster ascent time can be had by putting in more helium (or hydrogen)
[00:19] <krim_> yeah, but ive made up my mind. the gpsboomerang airframe cost $70 so i will purchase one and make some modifications
[00:20] <macfreak4> theyre that cheap?!?
[00:20] <macfreak4> i want one :D
[00:20] <krim_> hehe
[00:20] <krim_> yeah
[00:20] <macfreak4> i thought they were a lot... wow i'm impressed :)
[00:21] <krim_> its the electronics that costs ;p
[00:21] <krim_> <defy> gpsboomerang.com guy just emailed me back, i asked him if he sells his airframes seperately, he said they'll sell them for $70, not too bad
[00:22] <macfreak4> wow cool i just might do that sometime
[00:23] <krim_> maybe i can mount a motor gondola on it too :D
[00:23] <krim_> it has only rudder though
[02:22] <krim_> I just received mail from the gpsboomerang dude, he wont sell airframes separately anymore :/
[02:22] <macfreak4> what?
[02:22] <macfreak4> he said yes then no?
[02:24] <krim_> We don't sell the airframe separately, and when we do it has been on conditions of unboxed pickup/damages
[02:25] <krim_> crap, anyway ive got all the measurements from http://www.gpsboomerang.com/content/view/16/30/ and its not that hard to cut polystyrene foam
[02:32] <macfreak4> yeah but what about cutting a curved surface for the airfoil?
[02:33] Nick change: macfreak4 -> kc0wys
[02:33] Nick change: kc0wys -> KC0WYS
[02:37] <krim_> that would be the hardest part, but ill come up with something
[02:38] <KC0WYS> i was looking at the company's product line that phatmonkey bought his flying wing from
[02:38] <KC0WYS> they have a 60$ glider
[02:38] <KC0WYS> 48" wingspan
[02:38] <KC0WYS> it looked promising...
[02:40] <krim_> yup but how much payload can it take ?
[02:41] <krim_> okay i need a foam cutting jig for the wings
[02:46] <KC0WYS> i'm not sure, but i know they're really strong
[02:46] <KC0WYS> phatmonkey is using they're 60" model
[02:46] <krim_> here is howto do that hehe http://www.geocities.com/roger_forgues/foam.html
[02:46] <KC0WYS> they're some kind of foam with reinforcing
[02:46] <krim_> yep it may be an alternative
[02:47] <KC0WYS> oh neat yeah theres probably plenty of info on foam airplanes -- it's a big hobby
[02:47] <krim_> yes indeed :D
[02:48] <krim_> and minimal expenses
[02:50] <krim_> but now im off, gotta study tomorrow
[02:50] <krim_> later dude
[02:51] <KC0WYS> alrightey
[02:51] <KC0WYS> cya
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[18:00] <Tiger^> uh
[18:17] <KC0WYS> ?
[18:35] <phatmonkey> uh
[18:45] <Tiger^> the second balloon is, um, taking shape :D
[18:46] <Tiger^> i think i'll launch in october... if the weather's good.
[18:52] <KC0WYS> neato :)
[18:54] <KC0WYS> whee there we go
[18:54] <Tiger^> yup
[18:54] <KC0WYS> had to rebuild the motor h-bridge
[18:55] <Tiger^> and what's up with your projects?
[18:55] <KC0WYS> now the mirror is a-flyin :)
[18:55] <Tiger^> namely yours and phatmonkey's :P
[18:55] <KC0WYS> oh had some trouble with this frickin npn h-bridge
[18:55] <phatmonkey> ooh, second balloon!
[18:56] <phatmonkey> coding is near finished, hardware is all together
[18:56] <phatmonkey> testing soon for me
[18:56] <KC0WYS> same
[18:56] <KC0WYS> testing later this week
[18:56] <KC0WYS> thursday and friday, i reckon
[18:56] <KC0WYS> programming is done on the balloon side, today and tomorrow is starting and finishing the ground program
[18:57] <KC0WYS> but that's easier
[18:57] <Tiger^> great :)
[18:57] Action: Tiger^ 's going to run Linux this time
[18:58] <Tiger^> on a broadcom board, like the one in Linksys routers, only better
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[23:12] <KC0WYS> whee i'm testing the camera now...
[23:13] <KC0WYS> for battery endurance
[23:15] <Tiger^> fuck
[23:16] <Tiger^> the door handle just broke
[23:16] <KC0WYS> o.O
[23:16] <Tiger^> hehe
[23:17] <Tiger^> i had the kettle on a gas stove
[23:17] <Tiger^> and i couldn't open the kitchen door :>
[23:18] <KC0WYS> oooh
[23:18] <KC0WYS> that's bad
[23:18] <Tiger^> yup
[23:18] <Tiger^> had to break the glass :/
[23:18] <KC0WYS> a window?
[23:19] <Tiger^> in the door
[23:19] <KC0WYS> oh i see
[23:19] <KC0WYS> to grab the handle on the other side, then?
[23:20] <KC0WYS> or was that broke too?
[23:22] <Tiger^> yup, the whole thing's broken
[23:22] <Tiger^> i'll have to drill through tomorrow
[23:27] <Tiger^> what a day :)
[23:27] <KC0WYS> hehe
[00:00] --- Wed Jul 26 2006