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[05:35] <KC0WYS> hehe this analog to digital converter is horrible
[05:35] <KC0WYS> good thing i'm not trying to do anything too serious with it...
[05:36] <defy> which one is that?
[05:36] <KC0WYS> it's an 8-bit 0-5v serial ADC
[05:36] <KC0WYS> to get readings from two temperature sensors and two battery packs
[05:37] <KC0WYS> it flickers between 27 and 30 deg C and has a resolution of about 1.5-2 deg C
[05:37] <KC0WYS> :P
[05:37] <defy> ick
[05:37] <KC0WYS> it's probably my jittery 5v supply
[05:37] <KC0WYS> largely
[05:37] <KC0WYS> oh well
[05:38] <KC0WYS> i can live with it
[05:38] <defy> passing it through a regulator or capacitor first?
[05:38] <KC0WYS> the adc is given power through a 7805 5vdc regulator
[05:38] <defy> weird
[05:38] <KC0WYS> hey it stabilized!
[05:39] <KC0WYS> 27C/25C and holding
[05:39] <defy> hehe sweet
[05:40] <KC0WYS> the fact that the house A/C is set for 25C makes calibration really easy
[05:40] <KC0WYS> because the sensors I use are supposed to be calibrated at that temp to 2.98v, according to the datasheet
[05:43] <defy> sweet
[05:43] <KC0WYS> it was awful before, when i had it running off of the AC mains
[05:43] <KC0WYS> all the background noise :P
[05:44] <KC0WYS> so... how's your project going?
[05:45] <defy> slowly latley
[05:45] <defy> weather has been bad and i've gotten new toys to play with
[05:49] <defy> but i've also discovered my flatmates fiberglass, so i've been playing with that, and will make the hull of the boat which i'll use to make the 2d part of my nav system...sometime early this week
[05:49] <defy> then onto an airframe
[05:49] <KC0WYS> that's cool
[05:49] <KC0WYS> i didnt know you were going to build a boat, too :)
[05:50] <defy> well i dont really have anywhere to fly, and i have a big harbour off the house
[06:08] <KC0WYS> ah kk
[06:08] <KC0WYS> well i think i'm going to turn in for the nite
[06:09] <KC0WYS> it's midnight here
[06:09] <KC0WYS> cya
[06:11] <defy> later :)
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[14:27] <jcoxon> cya all
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[20:46] <krim_> hello
[20:46] <macfreak4> hi
[20:47] <krim_> are you familiar with gumstix ?
[20:47] <macfreak4> no
[20:48] <macfreak4> other people here use them, but I don't
[20:48] <macfreak4> :(
[20:48] <krim_> mkay, what projects do you do ?
[20:48] <macfreak4> right now i'm working on a near-spacecraft -- http://kc0wys.homeunix.com/projects/ensure
[20:50] <macfreak4> the info there is very poor, i'll work on it more when the project is finished
[20:50] <macfreak4> but basically i'm sending up a laptop motherboard as the onboard computer
[20:50] <macfreak4> rather than an embedded computer, such as a gumstix
[20:50] <krim_> nice :]
[20:51] <macfreak4> thx
[20:53] <phatmonkey> hi all!
[20:53] <phatmonkey> krim_, i use a gumstix
[20:54] <macfreak4> thx
[20:54] <macfreak4> hi
[20:54] <macfreak4> wha? that was odd... sent thx twice
[20:54] <macfreak4> phh
[20:56] <krim_> phatmonkey, youre the guy with that slug glider right ?
[20:57] <phatmonkey> hehe
[20:57] <phatmonkey> yes
[20:57] <krim_> did it work ?
[20:57] <phatmonkey> haven't tried it yet!
[20:57] <krim_> hehe
[20:57] <phatmonkey> coding is 80-90% done, i've got all the hardware together
[20:58] <krim_> would be awezome to see it flying
[20:59] <phatmonkey> indeed
[20:59] <phatmonkey> i can't wait to get it working
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[23:45] <krim_> it must be a hell recovering those balloons, anyone managed to build something like the gpsboomerang ?
[23:49] <macfreak4> not really hell
[23:49] <macfreak4> i mean, you know almost exactly where they are, when everything goes well
[23:49] <macfreak4> because you have gps coordinates
[23:50] <krim_> yeh but at sea we are screwed
[23:50] <macfreak4> oh yeah
[23:50] <macfreak4> true
[23:51] <macfreak4> you can go for a fast ascent time, then, like Tiger^ did, then it won't have time to drift as far
[23:51] <macfreak4> but that, in turn, means less altitude
[23:51] <krim_> since i live in norway i cant do this without something like the gpsboomerang
[23:52] <macfreak4> hmm Tiger^ lives in Poland
[23:52] <krim_> too risky anyway
[23:52] <macfreak4> he's pretty close to the ocean
[23:52] <macfreak4> it went 4 miles from the launch site, if I remember
[23:52] <macfreak4> the key is going on a still day
[23:52] <krim_> im almost surrounded by ocean :S
[23:53] <krim_> thats worth a try
[23:53] <macfreak4> but a gpsboomerang would be even cooler ;)
[23:55] <phatmonkey> make it waterproof and hire a boat ;)
[23:55] <phatmonkey> anyway, i'm off for sleep, night all
[23:55] <macfreak4> then it'll explode at high altitude
[23:55] <macfreak4> ok cya
[23:57] <krim_> do you guys use helium or hydrogen ?
[23:57] <macfreak4> we all use helium, as far as I know
[23:57] <macfreak4> i havent heard anyone using hydrogen
[23:58] <krim_> for a fast ascent time i must use the lightest
[23:58] <macfreak4> there's not a terribly large difference between helium and hydrogen, though
[23:58] <krim_> but ive heard that a mix 0f 60% He and 40% H would nnot be flammable
[23:59] <krim_> i thought H was twice as light as He
[23:59] <macfreak4> no
[23:59] <macfreak4> i don't believe
[23:59] <macfreak4> hmm
[00:00] --- Tue Jul 25 2006