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[15:13] <phatmonkey> ee, exciting
[15:14] <jcoxon> what? :-0
[15:14] <jcoxon> :)
[15:19] <phatmonkey> your launch!
[15:19] <jcoxon> oh right yeah
[15:19] <jcoxon> its been brought a day forward
[15:19] <jcoxon> going for friday morn
[15:20] <phatmonkey> nice
[15:20] <Tiger^> 8 o'clock... it's like, um, midnight!
[15:20] <Tiger^> ;>
[15:21] <jcoxon> ? :-)
[15:21] <Tiger^> you know, morning's like midnight to me :D
[15:22] <jcoxon> ooooo right
[15:22] <jcoxon> hehe
[15:22] <phatmonkey> oh wows, we need kooky in here
[15:22] <phatmonkey> (10:12:27) (SoaP) i have sock for my ipod (10:12:30) (+Kooky) cock in my sock
[15:22] <phatmonkey> *sigh*
[15:22] <phatmonkey> i can't believe i coded this thing
[15:23] <jcoxon> hehe
[15:23] <Tiger^> hm
[15:23] <Tiger^> wonder if i can use the command too
[15:23] <Tiger^> sweet!
[15:23] <Tiger^> jcoxon: everything ready?
[15:23] <jcoxon> ummmm :-)
[15:24] <jcoxon> suprisingly yes
[15:24] <Tiger^> great! :)
[15:24] <jcoxon> still building the cutdown circuit
[15:24] <jcoxon> but in my eyes that isn't that important
[15:24] <Tiger^> yeah
[15:24] <jcoxon> did a test run this morning
[15:24] <jcoxon> all communications work
[15:24] <jcoxon> going to test hte camera later to make sure its working
[15:24] <phatmonkey> what sort of cutdown algorithm do you have?
[15:24] <jcoxon> ummmm i don't right now
[15:24] <phatmonkey> just a radius?
[15:25] <jcoxon> it will be time and radius
[15:25] <jcoxon> and if time i'll do a coast polygon thing
[15:25] <phatmonkey> i have an algorithm that finds the distance between two coordinates if you want, very useful
[15:25] <jcoxon> though i don't think i'll have time as its my sisters birthday tomorrow
[15:25] <jcoxon> phatmonkey, ooo that would be great
[15:25] <phatmonkey> takes into account the earth's imperfect curvature too, crazy
[15:26] <jcoxon> oh and a i need to fit the aerobrake
[15:26] <phatmonkey> for what?
[15:27] <jcoxon> well nova think we need aerobrakes
[15:27] <jcoxon> if its avaliable i'll wack it on
[15:27] <jcoxon> if not c'est la vie
[15:30] <jcoxon> thanks
[15:31] <phatmonkey> you can probably import that into perl or similar if you don't want to write anything in c
[15:31] <jcoxon> was planning to use C
[15:31] <jcoxon> its what i do best
[15:31] <phatmonkey> gps_to_distance returns the distance in *metres*, don't think that's mentioned anywhere
[15:32] <jcoxon> right
[15:32] <jcoxon> cool
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[19:27] <jcoxon> all looking good :-D
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[20:42] <jcoxon> hey guys
[20:43] <jcoxon> anyone around who could lend me a minute
[20:49] <jcoxon> well if some pops by - i'm trying to work out what sort of range i should use for hte cutdown considering my position in hte UK
[20:50] <jcoxon> i'm in cambridge and one of the cutdown parameters will be distance from launch site
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[21:00] <jcoxon> hey rocketboy
[21:00] <rocketboy> hi - got your trxt
[21:01] <rocketboy> I'm ready :-)
[21:01] <jcoxon> cool, and my email?
[21:01] <rocketboy> no - ill look
[21:04] <jcoxon> i'm trying to decide on the range for the cutdown
[21:05] <jcoxon> i'm thinking 65km but if it goes below lat 51.800000 also cut down
[21:05] <jcoxon> and also only ever cutdown if above 15km - don't want it exploding after the balloon has burst and its lying next to the parachute
[21:07] <rocketboy> Not a bad idea - seems good to me
[21:08] <rocketboy> its not that explosive - but if it was on the ground in crops it might start a fire
[21:08] <rocketboy> very unlikly IMO - but better safe than sorry
[21:08] <jcoxon> yeah
[21:09] <jcoxon> i'm going to have 3 possible cutdown scenarios:
[21:09] <jcoxon> 1) above 15km and been flying for 2hrs
[21:09] <jcoxon> 2)above 15km and travelled more then 65,000m
[21:09] <jcoxon> 3)above 15km and below 51.80000lat
[21:12] <rocketboy> yeh sounds good to me - I'm not an expert - but this was exactly the sort of thinh I was going to code - a sort of 4 dimensional box
[21:13] <jcoxon> the nova team have an amazing cutdown system
[21:13] <jcoxon> it constantly calculates its future path
[21:13] <jcoxon> and has danger zones flagged up
[21:13] <jcoxon> so will cutdown if there is a problem
[21:13] <jcoxon> like if it'll land in an urban area
[21:14] <jcoxon> rocketboy, balloonwise i'm thinking a 500gm
[21:14] <jcoxon> a little over filled to get some height
[21:14] <jcoxon> so just over 1lb of lift
[21:15] <rocketboy> wow - given the assent and drift data from the GPS + the parachute drag coefficent it should be possible to calcualte a reasonably accurate landing zone
[21:15] <jcoxon> yeah its just a lot more powerful
[21:16] <rocketboy> so what is the total weight
[21:16] <jcoxon> if i had time i'd adapt it but it won't be ready till just before the launch
[21:16] <jcoxon> Peg III weighs just over 1kg
[21:16] <jcoxon> about 1.2kg
[21:17] <rocketboy> keep it simple is my motto - don't want a software bug doing a Ariane rocket
[21:18] <jcoxon> :-0
[21:18] <rocketboy> ah so 1lb of lift left over after the 1.2Kg of the payload - thats about right for a 2 hours assent isn't it?
[21:18] <jcoxon> yup
[21:18] <jcoxon> well actually it should give us about 1000ft/min
[21:18] <rocketboy> sounds spot on from my reading
[21:19] <jcoxon> should be good, the winds forecast suggest it being blown SW then SE then SW again
[21:20] <rocketboy> I'm planning on chasing PIII - I'll head off in the jet stream direction reasonably soon after launch
[21:20] <rocketboy> try to get ahead of it
[21:21] <rocketboy> what are the prediced jet stream speeds
[21:21] <rocketboy> ?
[21:21] <jcoxon> <10mph
[21:21] <jcoxon> :-D
[21:21] <rocketboy> wow thats low
[21:22] <jcoxon> http://www.wunderground.com/modelmaps/maps.asp?model=GFS&domain=EU
[21:22] <jcoxon> it might edge up to 15mph but i doubt it (this is with the current forecasts
[21:23] <jcoxon> rocketboy, if you chase i'll stay behind and wait - i'll relay info when i get it
[21:23] <jcoxon> is that okay?
[21:23] <rocketboy> yes thats fine
[21:24] <jcoxon> will need some help at the launch though :-d
[21:24] <jcoxon> but i've really made it simple so i could see us twiddling thumbs waiting for hte balloons to fill
[21:24] <jcoxon> the plan is to launch at approx same time
[21:24] <jcoxon> try and get a pic of another balloon
[21:24] <jcoxon> on the ascent
[21:24] <jcoxon> but if there is risk of collision we'll space them out
[21:24] <rocketboy> Wow - excellent
[21:25] <rocketboy> have the nova guys got a tracker?
[21:25] <phatmonkey> there's more than one balloon?!
[21:25] <jcoxon> phatmonkey, there are 3
[21:26] <jcoxon> rocketboy, they have a gps/mobilephone system
[21:26] <phatmonkey> wow, there's so much i don't know about this launch
[21:26] <jcoxon> and a traxia beacon on 434.650mhz
[21:26] <jcoxon> will that interfere?
[21:27] <jcoxon> phatmonkey, yeah it'll be peg III, nova and MiHAB (from oxford)
[21:27] <rocketboy> Shouldn't be a problem unless we are unlucky - I know the guys that sells traxa
[21:28] <rocketboy> he is one of our rocket mob
[21:28] <phatmonkey> ah, wow
[21:28] <rocketboy> best to test the frequency of the traxa units
[21:29] <rocketboy> we can do that just before lauch - that way i can probaly track both balllons
[21:29] <jcoxon> cool
[21:29] <jcoxon> they have a yagi but really don't know much about radio
[21:29] <jcoxon> so any help you can give them will be appreciated
[21:30] <rocketboy> yeh sure - no probs - do you know what receiver they are using?
[21:30] <jcoxon> nope
[21:31] <jcoxon> i could find out - i'll email them
[21:31] <rocketboy> it would be interesting to know - but its not important.
[21:32] <jcoxon> oh right - well if i see them i'll get in touch
[21:32] <jcoxon> on launch day we aren't in to much of a hurry
[21:32] <jcoxon> we are allowed to launch when we are ready apparently
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[21:52] <jcoxon> right i'm going to take a break from this for a bit
[21:52] <jcoxon> beginning to feel i'm running out of time :-D (but i've learnt the hard way not to get tired!)
[21:52] <jcoxon> so time to relax
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[21:54] <phatmonkey> argh, why does xchat have such a huge friggin close button?!
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