[00:08] <macfreak4> oh i meant first time in this channel
[00:08] <macfreak4> but i guess that answers that question, too
[00:08] <macfreak4> ;)
[00:12] <icez> let me see, you're into rockets rocketboy ?
[00:14] <rocketboy> yes
[00:14] <rocketboy> surprise
[00:15] <rocketboy> also ham radio,electronics,PICS, and HABs
[00:17] <icez> cool.
[00:17] <icez> where do you live?
[00:17] <rocketboy> Suffolk
[00:18] <rocketboy> UK
[00:18] <icez> oh
[00:18] <icez> (of course)
[00:18] <rocketboy> U?
[00:18] <icez> arizona
[00:18] <icez> the worst place for rocketry in the world
[00:18] <icez> :]
[00:18] <rocketboy> Ah - it must be difficult to find a place to launch out there
[00:19] <icez> well, not that
[00:19] <icez> fire restrictions:[
[00:19] <icez> there's miles and miles of nothing
[00:19] <rocketboy> So why the fire restictions if ther is nothing?
[00:20] <icez> well..
[00:20] <icez> where i am there's something
[00:20] <icez> like a lot of bushes
[00:20] <icez> it's dry dry dry
[00:20] <rocketboy> I C
[00:20] <icez> the places with absolutely nothing are too far:P
[00:20] <icez> aand
[00:20] <icez> the Arizona High Power Rocketry Association doesn't accept "newbies" it seems
[00:21] <rocketboy> Humm - we are a lot friendlier here
[00:22] <rocketboy> we will take just anyone ;-(
[00:22] <icez> *moves to UK*
[00:22] <rocketboy> say is jcoxon normally on her much?
[00:22] <rocketboy> here
[00:22] <icez> sometimes, sometimes not
[00:23] <rocketboy> OK - I wanted to chat to him re his UK HAB project
[00:25] <rocketboy> thats how I ended up on IRC - he mentioned #highaltitude in his website
[00:26] <macfreak4> thats how we all got here, i think ;)
[00:27] <macfreak4> have you been to ukhas.org.uk yet?
[00:27] <rocketboy> yes
[00:27] <rocketboy> I'm waiting for the registation email to come through
[00:28] <macfreak4> ah ok]
[00:28] <rocketboy> anyways - I gotta go now (its late here) - talk to you anon
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[01:46] jcims (n=jcims@cpe-24-210-60-100.columbus.res.rr.com) joined #highaltitude.
[01:49] <jcims> how long do the flights take?
[01:49] <jcims> (pegasus anyway)
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[02:00] <defy--> heyguys
[02:00] <icez> howdy
[02:01] <macfreak4> hey
[02:10] <defy--> heh i've been an irc'er for a good 12 years unfortunately =/
[02:14] <icez> i can't even remember..
[02:14] <icez> mIRC still had the old logo (the plug) back then
[02:14] <icez> :/
[02:15] <macfreak4> lol
[02:17] <defy--> hehe
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[10:00] <phatmonkey> holy SHIT jcoxon
[10:00] <phatmonkey> digged and 17,000 views on the flickr pic!!!!!!!
[10:01] <phatmonkey> you are a god <3
[10:01] <phatmonkey> :D
[10:05] <phatmonkey> you've been digged before - http://digg.com/links/High_altitude_Linux_take_2
[10:05] <phatmonkey> just, not quite as successful...
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[12:59] <defy> lol
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[14:30] <jcoxon> morning all!
[14:30] <jcoxon> seems like i've missed a lot
[15:47] phatmonkey (n=phatmonk@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:04] <phatmonkey> yay
[16:04] <phatmonkey> no more exams till monday
[16:11] <macfreak4> lol
[16:11] <macfreak4> that's good
[16:12] <macfreak4> i'm going to see if i can get this balloon going on linux
[16:12] <macfreak4> cuz win 98 is just waaaay too crappy
[16:12] <macfreak4> i shoulda known that in the first place...
[16:12] <phatmonkey> dear god
[16:12] <phatmonkey> you're running your balloon of win 98?!
[16:12] <macfreak4> was
[16:13] <phatmonkey> :D
[16:13] <macfreak4> because a lot of the hardware is windows-only compatible
[16:13] <macfreak4> but i'm going to see if i can hunt down linux drivers for everything
[16:13] <phatmonkey> "why did your balloon fall out of the sky?!" "ehm, virus"
[16:13] <phatmonkey> use debian
[16:13] <macfreak4> ya
[16:13] <phatmonkey> great for this sort of thing
[16:13] <macfreak4> i am
[16:13] <macfreak4> well a variant
[16:13] <phatmonkey> wonderful
[16:13] <macfreak4> Damn Small Linux
[16:13] <macfreak4> based on Debian
[16:13] <macfreak4> its a 50MB distro
[16:13] <phatmonkey> doesn't that come with an X server?
[16:13] <phatmonkey> bit pointless...
[16:14] <macfreak4> hrm, yeah...
[16:14] <macfreak4> what _should_ i use?
[16:14] <phatmonkey> wasting a lot of power and probably stability
[16:14] <phatmonkey> plain old debian etch would probably be best
[16:14] <macfreak4> well, it's gotta capture images from the webcam, can you do that w/o a gui?
[16:15] <phatmonkey> yep, of course
[16:15] <macfreak4> how about video capture?
[16:15] <macfreak4> it would be tough not to see a preview
[16:15] <macfreak4> to make sure it's working
[16:16] <phatmonkey> ... just copy the jpeg to something else
[16:16] <phatmonkey> http://www.us.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
[16:16] <phatmonkey> you'll want the netinst
[16:16] <macfreak4> but video capturing??
[16:16] <phatmonkey> what webcam is this?
[16:17] <phatmonkey> it probably supports v4l
[16:17] <macfreak4> well, it depends... i have a few I *could* use
[16:17] <macfreak4> right now i've got a MacAlly webcam in there, which has win drivers, but it's not very stable
[16:17] <macfreak4> also an Intel cam, but what are the chances of there being linux drivers for that???
[16:17] <macfreak4> lol
[16:18] <phatmonkey> i have never found anything that *doesn't* work on linux
[16:18] <phatmonkey> and i have a lot of weird stuff
[16:18] <phatmonkey> the only think was the broadcom wifi chipset on my ibook g4, but somebody has reverse engineered some drivers for that
[16:18] <phatmonkey> *thing
[16:19] <macfreak4> just a question, but why would I want to install a Debian package that's 2x-3x bigger than Damn small linux?
[16:19] <macfreak4> "netinst CD image (100-150 MB)"
[16:19] <macfreak4> "Damn Small Linux (50 MB)"
[16:20] <phatmonkey> damn small linux will probably be cutting out a lot of important stuff
[16:20] <phatmonkey> does it work with the standard debian repositories?
[16:20] <macfreak4> i'm a linux newb, thus the question
[16:21] <macfreak4> all i need to do is capture images, video, and telemetry, and tx back to earth via sstv and rtty
[16:21] <phatmonkey> debian will do the job
[16:21] <phatmonkey> you don't need to install any software manually with debian
[16:21] <phatmonkey> there are packages for virtually every piece of software that has ever existed
[16:22] <macfreak4> oh gotcha
[16:22] <phatmonkey> something like 50,000 packages I believe
[16:22] <phatmonkey> apt-get install gphoto2
[16:22] <phatmonkey> it downloads it, and installs it
[16:22] <phatmonkey> gphoto2 fetches images from cameras btw
[16:22] <macfreak4> ok
[16:22] <phatmonkey> very nice stuff
[16:23] <phatmonkey> i have the standard etch distribution on my slug, and it's perfect
[16:23] <phatmonkey> buut, the slug's not being used anymore, but you get the idea
[16:23] <macfreak4> yea
[16:23] <macfreak4> you said dl the netinst?
[16:23] <phatmonkey> yeah
[16:23] <macfreak4> kk
[16:23] <macfreak4> dl-ing...
[16:23] <phatmonkey> then when it asks for what it's being used for, just untick all the boxes
[16:23] <phatmonkey> and you'll get a nice bare installation
[16:23] <macfreak4> ok
[16:23] <macfreak4> thx
[16:24] <phatmonkey> installation is pretty straight forward
[16:24] <phatmonkey> i believe it even partitions the disks automatically
[16:24] <macfreak4> do you know of any suitable BASIC programming environments for linux?
[16:24] <phatmonkey> nope
[16:24] <macfreak4> ok...
[16:24] <phatmonkey> does anybody even use BASIC anymore? hehe
[16:25] <macfreak4> I do
[16:25] <phatmonkey> just
[16:25] <phatmonkey> apt-cache search basic
[16:25] <phatmonkey> and it'll list all the basic related packages
[16:25] <phatmonkey> there will be hundreds...!
[16:25] <macfreak4> lol ok
[16:25] <phatmonkey> debian testing is as stable as a rock
[16:25] <phatmonkey> debian stable is so stable, it's silly
[16:26] <phatmonkey> but it's all a few years out of date because it's been tested so much for stability
[16:26] <macfreak4> in this case, that doesnt matter to me
[16:26] <macfreak4> all the hardware I'm using is old, too
[16:26] <macfreak4> :D
[16:26] <phatmonkey> what specs?
[16:27] <macfreak4> the computer: 400MHz Pentium II Dell Latitude CS, 198MB RAM, 1GB CF card Hard Disk
[16:27] <macfreak4> Garmin GPS 18 receiver, of course the webcam, and a parallel port interface for onboard electronics
[16:28] <macfreak4> such as cutdown devices, camera shutter, etc.
[16:28] <macfreak4> and a serial ADC for measuring batt voltages and temperature
[16:29] <phatmonkey> ah nice
[16:29] <macfreak4> ya and 40 AA lithiums to power the damn thing
[16:29] <macfreak4> :P
[16:30] <phatmonkey> wooaah
[16:30] <macfreak4> yea b/c the computer needs 20v regulated, so I get 25-32v with two sets of 20 AA's in series
[16:30] <macfreak4> and a regulator to get 20v stable
[16:31] <phatmonkey> why not just get a gumstix? ;)
[16:31] <phatmonkey> or a slug...
[16:31] <macfreak4> b/c i already have the laptop, and I want to see live images from the ground
[16:31] <phatmonkey> the slug is fast enough to dump video from usb devices
[16:31] <macfreak4> and the batts together were cheaper than one gumstix
[16:31] <macfreak4> and i have no experience with slugs
[16:31] <phatmonkey> wow
[16:32] <macfreak4> how fast are slugs?
[16:32] <phatmonkey> 266mhz xscale processors
[16:32] <phatmonkey> you can get them for as cheap as £40
[16:32] <macfreak4> so... >80$ USD
[16:32] <macfreak4> the batts were 60$
[16:33] <macfreak4> computer was free
[16:33] <macfreak4> so it's still cheaper
[16:33] <phatmonkey> yeah
[16:33] <phatmonkey> that's about $70
[16:34] <phatmonkey> you're going to have to buy those batteries again if you want another flight though!
[16:34] <phatmonkey> that might be a bit of a bummer
[16:34] <macfreak4> i'm not using this setup for the next flight
[16:34] <phatmonkey> look into rechargable batteries
[16:34] <phatmonkey> oh right
[16:34] <macfreak4> I'm using a PC/104
[16:34] <phatmonkey> oh yes
[16:35] <macfreak4> 6 watts @ 5vdc for the pc/104, compared to 10-14 watts @ 20vdc for the laptop
[16:35] <macfreak4> it'll be a lot better than this one
[16:35] <macfreak4> but this one was meant to be a sort-of trial run, if you will
[16:35] icez (n=icez@ip68-3-56-121.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:35] <macfreak4> hey
[16:36] <icez> hey
[16:41] <phatmonkey> hey
[16:58] <macfreak4> damnit
[16:58] <macfreak4> debian is stuck at 76%
[17:05] <phatmonkey> damn
[17:05] <phatmonkey> anyone know what phone network has the highest coverage in the UK?
[17:05] <phatmonkey> i need to get a SIM for my phone
[17:08] <phatmonkey> might get vodafone just because mine is
[17:08] macfreak4 (n=macfreak@24-107-201-22.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[17:08] <phatmonkey> i guess they're all pretty much the same
[17:08] macfreak4 (n=macfreak@24-107-201-22.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:00] <Tiger^> ok, i've done some post-processing on the photos
[20:00] <Tiger^> = removed UV overcast
[20:01] <Tiger^> they're much better now :)
[20:08] rocketboy (n=steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:11] Action: rocketboy slaps rocketboy around a bit with a large trout
[20:12] Action: phatmonkey slaps rocketboy around a bit with a weather balloon
[20:12] <phatmonkey> NO TROUT VIOLENCE!
[20:12] <phatmonkey> :o
[20:13] <rocketboy> just trying out mIRC (its been a long time)
[20:13] Action: Tiger^ slaps rocketboy and phatmonkey around a bit with a powered nichrome cutdown wire. there there, cool down!
[20:37] phatmonkey_ (n=phatmonk@ joined #highaltitude.
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[20:37] <jcoxon> hey all
[20:37] <jcoxon> can only pop in for a few minutes
[20:37] <phatmonkey_> heey
[20:37] <phatmonkey_> hm
[20:37] Nick change: phatmonkey_ -> phatmonkey
[20:38] <jcoxon> flickr is doing well :)
[20:39] <phatmonkey> god, yes
[20:39] <phatmonkey> nice getting dugg
[20:39] <phatmonkey> i've never seen a flickr photo with so many friggin views!
[20:39] <phatmonkey> i think i've seen 12k, never that much
[20:39] <phatmonkey> phew
[20:39] <phatmonkey> quite awesome
[20:41] <jcoxon> i think its now off make blog
[20:41] <jcoxon> visits to my website have finally decresed
[20:42] <jcoxon> hey rocketboy
[20:43] <phatmonkey> it's digg which got all those views
[20:43] <phatmonkey> shame we can't see referrers on flickr
[20:46] <rocketboy> hi james - I'm the guy ho has been emailing re NOTAM etc.
[20:46] <jcoxon> yeah
[20:46] <jcoxon> just reading your email
[20:46] <jcoxon> thanks for all this infomation!
[20:46] <rocketboy> no probs
[20:47] <jcoxon> i've been chatting to the head of the Cambridge Nova Project
[20:47] <jcoxon> and we are going to delay lanching for at least a week
[20:47] <jcoxon> due to trying to sort out insurance issues
[20:47] <jcoxon> basically its near impossible to get insurance
[20:47] <jcoxon> so if the offer still stands for the transmitter that would be amazing
[20:47] <phatmonkey> oh, james
[20:47] <phatmonkey> where is your launch permit?
[20:48] <jcoxon> cambridge
[20:48] <rocketboy> ah yes insurance - a bit of a challenge - I contacted a co that used to insure some early rocketry flighs
[20:48] <jcoxon> churchill college
[20:48] <phatmonkey> big ass field in the middle of nowhere?
[20:48] <jcoxon> big ass field in cambridge
[20:48] <phatmonkey> with town around it?
[20:48] <jcoxon> not really
[20:48] <phatmonkey> wowee, I was thinking of going to churchill
[20:48] <phatmonkey> ok
[20:49] <jcoxon> its on the edge
[20:49] <phatmonkey> the glider is bound to miss, it would be lovely to have somewhere to land with nothing around it
[20:49] <jcoxon> not churchill
[20:49] <phatmonkey> or maybe we could just choose another landing spot
[20:49] <jcoxon> there are far better places
[20:49] <phatmonkey> ok
[20:49] <jcoxon> no reason not to launch there though
[20:49] <phatmonkey> yeah
[20:49] <jcoxon> rocketboy, yeah i'm leaving the other guys to sort insurance
[20:49] <phatmonkey> and have a few landing spots based on which direction it gets blown in i guess
[20:50] <jcoxon> its quite unusual requests to the insurers
[20:50] <phatmonkey> damn, it would be lovely to know which one it has chosen
[20:50] <phatmonkey> really need live communcation
[20:50] <jcoxon> hehe rocketboy and I have been discussing this
[20:50] <jcoxon> you're going to really struggle to find a method
[20:51] <phatmonkey> how far does your radio stretch?
[20:51] <jcoxon> i'm not going to use my radio :(
[20:51] <rocketboy> humm yes been looking at how to do comms for yonks
[20:51] <phatmonkey> oh, damn
[20:51] <jcoxon> its not actually allowed
[20:51] <phatmonkey> why?!
[20:51] <jcoxon> 868mhz isn't an airbourne freq
[20:52] <rocketboy> I'll dig out the regulations on licence exempt stuff in a mo
[20:52] <jcoxon> and i agree rocketboy you've got to stick to the rules or people will complain
[20:52] <jcoxon> they always try
[20:53] <phatmonkey> ack
[20:53] <phatmonkey> let's find a big ass field near churchill then
[20:53] <phatmonkey> and then it only lands somewhere else if it's 100% sure it can't get back to there
[20:53] <jcoxon> i'm really sorry guys to be rude but i've got to go
[20:53] <jcoxon> will be back later and especially over the weekend!
[20:53] <jcoxon> good to briefly chat rocketboy
[20:53] <phatmonkey> then it'll send us a text while in the air, or once it has landed
[20:53] <phatmonkey> how far up do you think the mobile phone will go?
[20:53] <phatmonkey> we could cruise around for a bit sending texts!
[20:53] <rocketboy> speak anon
[20:54] <rocketboy> the le stuff is all in http://www.ofcom.org.uk/radiocomms/ifi/tech/interface_req/msoC4784.pdf
[20:54] <jcoxon> i'll reply to the email later
[20:54] <rocketboy> ok
[20:54] <phatmonkey> ok, bye!
[20:54] <phatmonkey> i'm around all weekend
[20:54] <phatmonkey> maybe revising a bit of sunday, last exam on monday, yay
[20:59] Beanstalkr (i=Owner@AC8A2047.ipt.aol.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:00] <Beanstalkr> hello from sunny Florida
[21:00] <phatmonkey> hello from rainy england
[21:01] <Beanstalkr> OH! I vacation in Purbeck each summer for the month of July
[21:01] <Beanstalkr> where you at?
[21:01] <Tiger^> and hello from sunny in the morning and rainy in the evening Poland ;>
[21:01] <Beanstalkr> hahaha
[21:02] <Beanstalkr> i have great weather here, sunny year round
[21:02] <Beanstalkr> http://members.aol.com/beanstalkr/PersonalAirship/ is my new website
[21:03] <Beanstalkr> it's about a hybrid airship i want to design
[21:03] <Beanstalkr> i want to join the Society, where is the application Phat?
[21:06] <Beanstalkr> Oh Phat?
[21:08] <Beanstalkr> I'm going to look at the wiki for a way to join the HAS
[21:20] <Beanstalkr> I registered at the UKHAS Wiki
[21:20] <Beanstalkr> Am I being received?
[21:21] <Beanstalkr> Apparently there are seven entities in this chat.
[21:22] <phatmonkey> Beanstalkr, sorry!
[21:22] <Beanstalkr> busy?
[21:23] <phatmonkey> the society doesn't really have membership at the moment
[21:23] <phatmonkey> I dunno, maybe we should organise that
[21:23] <Beanstalkr> oh
[21:23] <icez> pfft
[21:23] <icez> you want sunny, try arizona
[21:23] <Beanstalkr> ahhh who cares?
[21:24] <Beanstalkr> http://members.aol.com/beanstalkr/PersonalAirship/
[21:24] <Beanstalkr> I'd like to get some feedback on my airship idea
[21:24] <Beanstalkr> supportive feedback, I mean
[21:26] <phatmonkey> macfreak4 is doing a similar satellite
[21:27] <Beanstalkr> how is it similar?
[21:28] <phatmonkey> looks a nice idea though
[21:28] <Beanstalkr> sure is cool
[21:29] <Beanstalkr> i want to design it as small and as affordable as possible so a lot of people can get airborne
[21:30] <Beanstalkr> It's not a standard low altitude blimp but a dirigible with expandable ballonets so it can reach the stratosphere, hopefully
[21:30] <Beanstalkr> anybody feel free to join in
[21:31] <Beanstalkr> is this more a a bunk room type of chat room?
[21:31] <phatmonkey> oh, this is for people?
[21:31] <Beanstalkr> yep, its a personal airship!
[21:31] <Beanstalkr> personal is the key word
[21:31] <phatmonkey> most of the people here just idle
[21:31] <phatmonkey> niiice
[21:32] <phatmonkey> we're all just sending computers up!
[21:32] <Beanstalkr> why?
[21:32] <phatmonkey> experiments, photos, all that
[21:32] <Beanstalkr> frustrated at the planned obsolescence?
[21:33] <Beanstalkr> I can't see anyone else'
[21:34] <Beanstalkr> just icez and tiger comments showed on my screen
[21:34] <icez> phatmonkey, as long as you don't put a UK residency requirement!:P
[21:35] <Beanstalkr> Nooo, don't leave out the US.
[21:35] <phatmonkey> might as well make it overseas...
[21:35] <Beanstalkr> Where you live, Phat?
[21:35] <phatmonkey> UK seems to be just a name...!
[21:36] <phatmonkey> tring, hertfordshire
[21:36] <phatmonkey> 30 miles north west of london
[21:36] <Beanstalkr> there's an airship convention in London on August 3, you going?
[21:36] <icez> cool project Beanstalkr
[21:37] <Beanstalkr> thank you, I'm excited
[21:38] <icez> what kind of motor are you going to use?
[21:39] <Beanstalkr> the Airship Assoc is p;utting the convention on.
[21:39] <Beanstalkr> solar cells mounted on top
[21:39] <Beanstalkr> power the electric motors
[21:40] <Beanstalkr> so the airship can stay aloft for weeks!
[21:40] <icez> you're going to need a good motor to get it off the ground no?:P
[21:40] <Beanstalkr> and it doesn't loose weight from burning its petrol
[21:40] <Beanstalkr> not really
[21:40] <icez> how's that?
[21:41] <phatmonkey> nope, not going
[21:41] <Beanstalkr> it has adjustable buoyancy so it can lighten-up preparatory to take-off
[21:41] <phatmonkey> haven't even heard of the airship association
[21:41] <phatmonkey> hehe
[21:41] <icez> oh
[21:41] <Beanstalkr> OK, it's a small group
[21:41] <Beanstalkr> and you guys are more into robotics, heh?
[21:42] Action: icez rockets
[21:42] <Beanstalkr> oooh
[21:42] <icez> everyone has their stuff
[21:42] <Beanstalkr> right
[21:42] <Beanstalkr> different strokes for diff folks
[21:42] <icez> :)
[21:42] <Beanstalkr> I want something I can ride in!
[21:42] <icez> some people are into gliders
[21:43] <icez> other balloons
[21:43] <Beanstalkr> and eat and sleep in :-)
[21:43] <icez> well, i could always make a huge rocket!
[21:43] <icez> :P
[21:43] <Beanstalkr> rockets seem really really hard to make work right ?
[21:43] <icez> well
[21:44] <icez> they always launch, the hard part is making them stay in a nice path
[21:44] <icez> :P
[21:44] <Beanstalkr> right :-)
[21:45] <icez> but I actually came here because I had the idea of launching a rocket from a balloon
[21:45] <Beanstalkr> that's the best way to get high, no pun
[21:45] <icez> lol:p
[21:46] <icez> well it would save fuel (even if my first attempt would be with a 5$ rocket)
[21:46] <Beanstalkr> Oh yes
[21:46] <Beanstalkr> so many advantages
[21:47] <Beanstalkr> why not lauch above 90% of the thick air?
[21:47] <icez> but I don't see the day when they launch the shuttle from a balloon
[21:47] <icez> :]
[21:47] <Beanstalkr> hehehe
[21:47] <Beanstalkr> that bus!
[21:47] <Beanstalkr> they wish they could!
[21:47] <icez> of course
[21:48] <Beanstalkr> could i have your email, icez?
[21:48] <icez> well you could but I don't see why
[21:48] <icez> :P
[21:49] <Beanstalkr> I want an email list of support talk for my Skyboat
[21:49] <Beanstalkr> I'm so lonely here :-)
[21:50] <icez> http://icez.org:81/pics/geek/balloon.jpg
[21:51] <icez> ambitious idea
[21:51] <icez> but oh well:p
[21:51] <Beanstalkr> thanks
[21:51] <Beanstalkr> I'm filing these somewhere
[21:52] <icez> well it's nothing precise..
[21:52] <icez> I did it with GIMP in 10 minutes:/
[21:52] <Beanstalkr> GIMP?
[21:52] <Beanstalkr> it looks simple and sweet
[21:52] <icez> it's like Photoshop
[21:53] <Beanstalkr> why solar panels?
[21:53] <icez> (but free)
[21:53] <icez> well
[21:53] <Beanstalkr> neat, free
[21:53] <icez> the solar panels are part of the satellite that would be launched from a rocket attached to the balloon
[21:53] <icez> :)
[21:53] <Beanstalkr> ahhhh
[21:54] <Beanstalkr> Is this an affordable system
[21:54] <icez> i have no idea
[21:54] <icez> the balloon part with the release mechanism would come back
[21:54] <phatmonkey> yay for the gimp
[21:54] <Beanstalkr> yep
[21:54] <icez> the enclosure would float around in junkspace (unfortunately:/)
[21:55] <Beanstalkr> orbital velocity is 17500 miles per hour, a fairly big rocket pack !
[21:55] <icez> but I am a zero electronics-wise
[21:55] <icez> and I don't even know how much helium costs..
[21:55] <icez> :/
[21:56] <Beanstalkr> electronics can be farmed out for cheap
[21:56] <Beanstalkr> helium is expensive, darn it
[21:56] <icez> i could always start my own little electrolysis lab;p
[21:57] <icez> but that could *kaboom*
[21:57] <Beanstalkr> it's about $2000 to fill a minimal blimp for one person
[21:57] <icez> woah
[21:57] <Beanstalkr> oh, they used to say gasoline was dangerous
[21:58] <icez> and thinking of it
[21:58] <Beanstalkr> hydrogen is the way to go, I mean, you can make it with solar power and don't even have to buy the electicity for electrolysis
[21:58] <icez> using helium tanks to regulate the balloon would create a lot more weight
[21:58] <Beanstalkr> just stay away from thunderstorms :-O
[21:58] <icez> oh perfect
[21:59] <Beanstalkr> you mean my balloon buoyancy shifting?
[21:59] <icez> we have 362 days of beautiful sunshine
[21:59] <icez> :P
[21:59] <icez> well i was talking about my picture
[21:59] <Beanstalkr> You live in Florida too?
[21:59] <icez> no
[22:00] <icez> oh it could work without the tanks..
[22:01] <icez> i only need to let it flow out a little bit at a time
[22:01] <Beanstalkr> why do you have them in the first place?
[22:01] <icez> frankly I don't know
[22:01] <Beanstalkr> hmhmhym
[22:02] <Beanstalkr> chuckly. makes a nice picture?
[22:02] <icez> :)
[22:02] <icez> i did this before I came here, might be why
[22:02] <Beanstalkr> are they holding fuel for the rocket or is it a solid?
[22:02] <icez> well I only work with solid fuel for now
[22:03] <icez> my first attempt could literally work with a party balloon;)
[22:03] <Beanstalkr> yep, a balloon is a balloon
[22:03] <icez> well
[22:04] <icez> a big balloon is different
[22:04] <Beanstalkr> just bigger
[22:04] <icez> and if I regulate the amount of helium in the balloon has it goes up, I could make it last (maybe) longer before it blows up
[22:04] <icez> the higher the better:]
[22:04] <Beanstalkr> of course
[22:04] <Beanstalkr> higher is better
[22:06] <Beanstalkr> the thing is, whatever helium is in the balloon, it's going to expand with altitudue in a fixed ratio
[22:06] <icez> well if there's more it'll blow up faster than less
[22:06] <Beanstalkr> true
[22:07] <Beanstalkr> He volume controls the speed of ascension
[22:07] <icez> but people here seem to have a problem getting stuff back safely...so getting the balloon part AND the rocket back ..:P
[22:08] <Beanstalkr> yep, quite a challenge
[22:09] <Beanstalkr> well, here's my url again, bookmark it and check my progress
[22:09] <Beanstalkr> http://members.aol.com/beanstalkr/PersonalAirship/
[22:09] <icez> will do
[22:10] <Beanstalkr> I'm gonna take a break and go outside in the sun! :-)
[22:10] <Beanstalkr> later icez, get high!
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