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[01:34] <defy> afternoon guys
[01:34] <Tiger^> hello, defy
[01:34] <Tiger^> what's up?
[01:36] <defy> hey, not a whole lot..
[01:36] <defy> waiting on my sensors but i dont think they'll arrive untill next week
[01:38] <Tiger^> and i'm fighting with the battery holders
[01:39] <defy> hehe
[01:40] <defy> I'm using 2 8 cell holders in parellel
[01:40] <Tiger^> i'm using two 6 cell holders
[01:41] <Tiger^> one for the flight computer and one for the radio
[01:41] <Tiger^> they're real crap
[01:41] <defy> sweet, how long does that run your gear for?
[01:41] <Tiger^> oh, actually i've given up after six hours :)
[01:42] <icez_> lol
[01:42] <Tiger^> i'll let it run on saturday and see how long it lasts
[01:42] <Tiger^> the flight computer + cameras draw exactly half an amp
[01:43] <Tiger^> and the radio would run for a year on those lithiums ;)
[01:43] <defy> my gumstix + gps board lasts for 9 hours on 6 2300mah cells
[01:43] <Tiger^> nice
[01:43] <defy> i havent even sorted cameras yet
[01:43] <defy> still not sure what to use
[01:43] <Tiger^> well i'm launching on tuesday so... hehe
[01:44] <defy> wow cool
[01:44] <Tiger^> i've only got two problems
[01:44] <Tiger^> the batt holders
[01:44] <Tiger^> and the j-pole
[01:44] <Tiger^> the j-pole behaviour's totally random though
[01:45] <Tiger^> and i think metal objects interfere with it
[01:45] <defy> in your payload?
[01:45] <Tiger^> nope
[01:45] <Tiger^> in my apartment
[01:45] <defy> ah hehe
[01:46] <defy> time for some field tests
[01:46] <Tiger^> yeah, i took it out once
[01:47] <Tiger^> but since the building has metal objects all inside
[01:47] <Tiger^> i'll need a *field* trip, literally :)
[01:48] <defy> hehe
[01:48] <defy> i make my girlfriend drive out to the bridge that we can see from our deck wich over looks a harbour, its a nice way to test...although she doesnt think so
[01:48] <defy> which*
[01:49] <Tiger^> hehe
[01:49] <Tiger^> i wonder why she doesn't ;>
[01:50] <defy> hehe nah most of the time she enjoys helping
[01:50] <Tiger^> yeah
[01:50] <defy> but the last time i asked she gave me a dirty look since the bridge is about a half hour drive away
[01:50] <Tiger^> ;)
[01:50] <Tiger^> yeah, my wife's been very helpful with the balloon, too
[01:51] <defy> hehe sweet
[01:51] <Tiger^> but she's tired of it already
[01:51] <Tiger^> no wonder
[01:51] <defy> lol
[01:51] <Tiger^> only us, geeks, understand!
[01:52] <defy> haha no kidding
[01:54] <Tiger^> i just can't wait for the ride to the launch site
[01:55] <Tiger^> the helium tanks are so large they don't fit into the trunk
[01:55] <Tiger^> so i have to lay the back seat down
[01:55] <Tiger^> and then sit on it for 130km
[02:01] <Tiger^> ok
[02:01] <Tiger^> telemetry software finished
[02:02] <Tiger^> http://moo.pl/~tygrys/junk/bal/telemetrytesting1.jpg
[02:02] <Tiger^> http://moo.pl/~tygrys/junk/bal/telemetrytesting2.jpg
[02:02] <Tiger^> :)
[02:18] <defy> haha cool
[02:19] <defy> are you keeping a tcp/ip link between the two?
[02:25] <defy> thats a nice little telemetry interface, did you write all of that?
[02:32] <Tiger^> nope
[02:32] <Tiger^> no tcp/ip, ax.25 or any advanced stuff
[02:32] <Tiger^> this is raw FSK telemetry :)
[02:33] <Tiger^> yeah, i wrote it today, hehe
[02:33] <defy> nice
[02:33] <Tiger^> thanks :)
[02:34] <defy> how acurate do you find your altitude readings from your gps? within meters?
[02:35] <Tiger^> hmm... how should i say this
[02:35] <Tiger^> i could be in space and not notice it :P
[02:35] <defy> lol
[02:36] <Tiger^> but really, i'm using a Garmin GPS-35
[02:36] <defy> my gps seems to jump around quite a bit when its still, but seems to be acurate within 2 or so meters when moving
[02:36] <defy> altitude wise anyway
[02:36] <Tiger^> yeah, same here.
[02:37] <Tiger^> i chose the GPS-35 'cause it's rugged and everything
[02:38] <Tiger^> and quite a few ballooning groups use it
[02:38] <Tiger^> but it's no match for my tiny little bluetooth Sirf Star III based gps
[02:39] <Tiger^> esp. when it comes to getting a fix
[02:39] <defy> sweet
[02:42] <Tiger^> yeah
[02:42] <Tiger^> ok
[02:42] <Tiger^> time to sleep
[02:42] <Tiger^> nite :)
[02:42] <defy> cya :)
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[16:16] <Tiger^> eh
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