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[19:52] <Tiger^> hi jcoxon
[20:08] <jcoxon> hey Tiger^
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[23:09] <macfreak4> hello?
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[23:15] <Tiger^> hey macfreak4
[23:43] <macfreak4> guess what
[23:50] <macfreak4> my two 3 watt uhf handheld transcievers came
[23:50] <macfreak4> hehe
[23:51] <Tiger^> :)
[23:51] <Tiger^> great
[23:51] <Tiger^> and my two gpses
[23:51] <Tiger^> one for the balloon and one for ground tracking :)
[23:52] <macfreak4> ground tracking?
[23:52] <Tiger^> = tracking the balloon from the ground
[23:56] <macfreak4> why do you need a gps receiver on the ground to track a balloon?
[23:56] <Tiger^> to know my position
[23:57] <Tiger^> absolute - i've never been to the launch area before - and relative to the balloon
[23:57] <macfreak4> oh so when you're driving to recover the balloon? or what? because you could just use the balloon's gps to know the launch position
[23:58] <Tiger^> yeah, driving and then recovery
[23:58] <macfreak4> oh gotcha
[23:59] <macfreak4> well i think that i'm really lucky because i didn't know what kind of antenna connector the HT's use when i bought them
[23:59] <macfreak4> and i guessed that they'd be the SMA type
[23:59] <macfreak4> so thats what i bought
[23:59] <macfreak4> and i was right :D
[23:59] <Tiger^> great :)
[23:59] <macfreak4> hehe
[00:00] --- Sat May 13 2006