[00:01] <jcoxon> right time for bed
[00:01] <jcoxon> night all
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[00:21] <macfreak4> ugh having fits with soldering this make-shift H-bridge
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[12:24] <defy> hey :)
[12:24] <jcoxon> hey defy
[12:25] <defy> anntena arrived today, figured i may aswell give the hack a shot...had a couple issues but its all working now
[12:25] <jcoxon> excellent
[12:25] <jcoxon> where are you getting power from?
[12:26] <defy> for the antenna?
[12:26] <jcoxon> yeah
[12:26] <jcoxon> pin 18?
[12:26] <defy> same as you, i pulled it off of nssp vcc
[12:26] <jcoxon> :-D
[12:26] <defy> solding those two next to each other would have been a nightmare
[12:27] <jcoxon> yeah
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[12:27] <jcoxon> two marks?
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[17:33] <Tiger^> hi guys
[17:33] <jcoxon> hey Tiger^
[17:33] <Tiger^> hi, jcoxon
[17:34] <Tiger^> my second camera just arrived and i rigged it :)
[17:34] <jcoxon> :-D
[17:34] <jcoxon> i'm waiting for my new camera
[17:35] <jcoxon> wish i didn't have exams in 3 weeks
[17:36] <Tiger^> yeah
[17:38] <jcoxon> oh well once they are over i've got 10 weeks of just balloons
[17:39] <Tiger^> right :)
[17:39] <jcoxon> oh Tiger^ you are very welcome to sign up to www.ukhas.org.uk if you want
[17:39] <Tiger^> and i wish didn't have to go to the dentist ;)
[17:39] <jcoxon> (trying to get those that are interested
[17:39] <Tiger^> on wednesday :(
[17:40] <Tiger^> jcoxon: sure :)
[17:40] <Tiger^> i'll sign up in just a sec
[17:41] <Tiger^> ok. waiting for my email ;)
[17:41] <jcoxon> :-D
[17:41] <jcoxon> will eventually get more people
[17:41] <Tiger^> wow i've been a member for 39 sec!
[17:41] <Tiger^> nice! ;)
[17:41] <jcoxon> got to persuade the nova team to sign up
[17:42] <jcoxon> that'll be about 8 more
[17:42] <Tiger^> yea
[17:49] <jcoxon> right i better start designing my payload container
[17:49] <jcoxon> its being made for me :-D
[18:16] <Tiger^> being made? hm
[18:16] <Tiger^> you mean commercially?
[18:16] <jcoxon> well some people who make radiosonde payloads said that they would make one for me
[18:16] <jcoxon> if i sent them designs
[18:18] <jcoxon> its the second time they've offered so i've decided to see what its like
[18:20] <Tiger^> hmm
[18:20] <Tiger^> vry nice
[18:21] <Tiger^> i'd sure like to see the result :)
[18:21] <Tiger^> and i've just ordered the chute
[18:21] <Tiger^> from Rocketman's
[18:21] <jcoxon> :-D
[18:22] <jcoxon> my chutes arrived last week
[18:42] <Tiger^> and the courier just called that my flight comp parts will be here in an hour :)
[18:45] <jcoxon> yay
[19:02] <Tiger^> and i've just tested both cameras work fine when powered through usb sockets
[19:03] <Tiger^> hmm well now that's an interesting feature...
[19:03] <Tiger^> the on/off switch doesn't work when usb power is connected
[19:04] <Tiger^> great! :)
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[19:34] <HenryHallam> hey
[19:34] <HenryHallam> James
[19:34] <HenryHallam> guess which auction I forgot about :(
[20:22] <Tiger^> it'd be nice to play with hydrogen peroxide rockets
[20:23] <Tiger^> an expensive hobby though
[20:38] <HenryHallam> yeah
[20:38] <HenryHallam> you follow the Armadillo guys?
[20:42] <Tiger^> nope. the CSXT.
[20:43] <Tiger^> first team to launch an amateur rocket into space.
[21:05] <Tiger^> yay!
[21:05] <Tiger^> the parts have arrived! ;D
[21:08] <HenryHallam> That's always a fun time :P
[21:09] <Tiger^> yeah, a box full of RLCs, ICs, and all that stuff ;P
[22:39] Action: jcoxon has hiccups
[22:39] <jcoxon> hey all
[22:44] <Tiger^> hey
[22:47] <jcoxon> having fun with all your parts?
[22:50] <jcoxon> aaaarrgghhh these hiccups
[22:52] <jcoxon> HenryHallam, oh well
[22:52] <jcoxon> we'll find another one :-D
[23:10] <HenryHallam> yeah I guess it's probably for the best, someone would have would up microwaved or in prison
[23:10] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:10] <jcoxon> thanks for sunday
[23:10] <jcoxon> really enjoyed myself
[23:10] <jcoxon> never even wired up a IC
[23:12] <HenryHallam> lol it's better when they actually work
[23:12] <HenryHallam> you're welcome though
[23:12] <jcoxon> :-D
[23:12] <HenryHallam> I'll be better prepared next week, flashing guaranteed
[23:12] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:12] <jcoxon> i'll be slightly late
[23:12] <jcoxon> probably got hockey
[23:12] <HenryHallam> no probs
[23:12] <jcoxon> been designing my payload case
[23:13] <jcoxon> some one has offered to make me one
[23:13] <HenryHallam> ooh
[23:13] <HenryHallam> out of what?
[23:13] <jcoxon> he makes radiosonde cases for a living
[23:14] <jcoxon> http://www.intermetsystems.com/\
[23:15] <HenryHallam> impressive
[23:15] <HenryHallam> you're good at getting free stuff
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[23:15] <jcoxon> i don't actually try and get it
[23:15] <jcoxon> people offer
[23:15] <jcoxon> they like a project
[23:15] <jcoxon> i think its important for us to publish everything so people can replicate it
[23:17] <HenryHallam> hm
[23:17] <HenryHallam> that's true to an extent
[23:17] <jcoxon> of course
[23:17] <HenryHallam> but I don't think many people are going to want to directly copy a design
[23:17] <HenryHallam> there's no fun in it
[23:17] <HenryHallam> that's the real reason I don't want to use Long's "balloonboard"
[23:17] <jcoxon> no but if we show say how to make a tracker they will go away and make something better
[23:17] <jcoxon> thats how i developed all my stuff
[23:18] <jcoxon> but working off other examples
[23:18] <HenryHallam> right
[23:18] <HenryHallam> that makes sense
[23:18] <jcoxon> and then they'll contact us and say "hey here is a really good idea"
[23:18] <jcoxon> or "why don't you have this damn cool radio modem that we make it would be perfect"
[23:18] <jcoxon> :-d
[23:20] <HenryHallam> ;)
[23:20] <jcoxon> wish i didn't have exams
[23:20] <jcoxon> :(
[23:21] <HenryHallam> oh I'm already anticipating starting my new career in McDonalds next year
[23:22] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:22] <jcoxon> oh you have to try really hard to fail
[23:22] <jcoxon> :-P
[23:23] <HenryHallam> really? I managed 40% on the mock test in January
[23:23] <HenryHallam> and I looked at notes for that
[23:23] <jcoxon> oh you'll be fine :-D
[23:24] Action: jcoxon looks at the 400 drugs he has to learn
[23:25] <HenryHallam> Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin?
[23:26] <jcoxon> that covers a good few
[23:27] <HenryHallam> http://www.union.ic.ac.uk/medic/fitness/tracks/Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin.mp3
[23:27] <jcoxon> yes i've got the albumn
[23:27] <jcoxon> very funny
[23:27] <HenryHallam> frankly this is why I'm scared of doctors
[23:28] <jcoxon> haha
[23:28] <jcoxon> and the london underground?
[23:28] <HenryHallam> they aren't kidding about the tramps
[23:29] <jcoxon> :-D
[23:30] <jcoxon> right i have to go bed,
[23:30] <jcoxon> night all
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[23:40] <HenryHallam> laters
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