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[07:57] <defy> hey
[08:02] <jcoxon> hey defy
[08:04] <jcoxon> any progress
[08:04] <jcoxon> ?
[08:04] <jcoxon> this afternoon i'm going to go and get some more resistors and set up the active antenna
[08:08] <defy> nah not from this end
[08:08] <defy> I'm not entirely sure that Leon's suggestions were specifically for the gumstix though
[08:08] <defy> erm, gpstix*
[08:11] <jcoxon> i understand what they are doing though
[08:11] <defy> i just dont get how hooking power up to something thats also hooked up to the ground is going to power it
[08:11] <defy> wouldn't it just go from VCC_RF > resister > V_ANT > ground?
[08:11] <jcoxon> its a potential dividor
[08:11] <jcoxon> divider*
[08:12] <jcoxon> so if you connect pins 18 and 19 directly with a resistor current will flow between them rather then to ground
[08:12] <jcoxon> i think :-D
[08:13] <jcoxon> but you do have a point
[08:13] <defy> yea but they have grounded pin 19
[08:13] <jcoxon> once it reaches the pin why not go to ground
[08:13] <defy> when gordon said "It shows that we tied V_ANT (pin 19) to ground; i.e., hardwired for a passive antenna. "
[08:13] <defy> that makes be think that something would need to be disconnected to unhardwire it
[08:15] <jcoxon> true
[08:15] <jcoxon> what does V_ANT actually do?
[08:16] <defy> data sheet says its the antenna bias voltage
[08:17] <jcoxon> so are you thinking we should (somehow) disconnect it from ground
[08:17] <jcoxon> and then link it to the central pin?
[08:18] <defy> that was my guess, but im not going to do anything to mine untill someone from gumstix gives a better answer i think
[08:18] <defy> but my understanding of it all is very basic..it really could just be a matter of adding that resister
[08:19] <jcoxon> have you emailed gumstix directly?
[08:19] <defy> nah I haven't gotten that far yet, I'm going to wait to get my another antenna so i can test it
[08:19] <defy> but the last time i contacted them they told me to ask the list anyway
[08:20] <jcoxon> guess its more helpful on the list
[08:20] <jcoxon> well i'll email the list again and lay out what we have thought
[08:21] <defy> cool
[08:22] <jcoxon> actually i'll wait
[08:22] <jcoxon> i'm not going to be able to do anything for a couple of hours
[08:22] <defy> hehe
[08:22] <jcoxon> need to go shopping :-D
[08:23] <jcoxon> suddenly wishing i had the bluetooth version
[08:23] <defy> I'm heading out shortly also, having a drink with some friends, one who works at navman and migth be able to nab me a passive antenna to play with
[08:23] <jcoxon> just had a great idea for it
[08:23] <jcoxon> :-D
[08:23] <defy> i thought that the other day when i was trying to get a gps fix and i couldnt reach the cat5 out the window far enough
[08:25] <jcoxon> oh no not for gps :-D
[08:26] <jcoxon> use it midflight to down load data from pegasus to bellerophon
[08:26] <jcoxon> via bluetooth to the bellerophon's phone
[08:26] <jcoxon> so that i have some gps data
[08:27] <defy> between the two payloads?
[08:29] <jcoxon> yeah
[08:29] <defy> cool
[08:30] <jcoxon> can't run a wire as they have to detach
[08:30] <jcoxon> a cutdown is going to be difficult enough
[08:37] <defy> well
[08:38] <defy> craig answered me
[08:38] <defy> but still didn't really answer the question, although like he says, he's a software guy so he probably doesn't know
[08:44] <jcoxon> hehe
[08:44] <defy> but at least that clears up why they were linking to active antennas on the site
[08:47] <jcoxon> yeah
[08:47] <jcoxon> the good thing about gumstix is they do learn from their mistakes
[08:48] <defy> hehe
[08:49] <jcoxon> my camera should arrive today :-D
[08:49] <jcoxon> then i can plan my payload container
[08:50] <defy> cool
[08:54] <defy> thats awesome, i really need to go get some foam for mine
[08:54] <defy> im just slack
[09:34] <jcoxon> defy, i guess the gps module is capable of internally regulating the voltage to the antenna
[09:38] <jcoxon> right leon has replied
[09:38] <jcoxon> :-D
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[17:52] malgar (n=malgar@adsl-ull-23-213.47-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] <jcoxon> hey malgar
[17:54] <jcoxon> brb
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[18:24] <Tiger^> guys, don't attempt to write sms sending code (via FBUS) for a PIC or AVR. ever. ;)
[18:25] <Tiger^> it's pure horror.
[18:29] <jcoxon> hehe
[18:29] <jcoxon> i'll stick to my gnokii and linux
[18:30] <jcoxon> does the phone accept AT commands?
[18:35] <Tiger^> hmm, dunno
[18:35] <Tiger^> it's a 5110
[18:35] <Tiger^> so i don't think so
[18:35] <jcoxon> no i don't either
[18:35] <jcoxon> with AT commands its pretty simple
[18:35] <Tiger^> yeah, it's SO simple
[18:35] <Tiger^> and pretty close to impossible on AVR, let alone PIC
[18:36] <Tiger^> i mean, FBUS
[18:36] <jcoxon> right
[18:36] <jcoxon> i let gnokii do everything for me
[18:36] <Tiger^> mainly due to memory constraints
[18:36] <jcoxon> oh
[18:36] <Tiger^> 8KB flash / 1KB RAM on the Atmega8.
[18:36] <Tiger^> i use it as a comm cpu
[18:37] <jcoxon> hmmmm
[18:39] <jcoxon> i'm going to a "masterclass" on PIC programming on sunday
[18:39] <jcoxon> never done it before
[18:39] <Tiger^> ;)
[18:41] <jcoxon> grrrrr
[18:41] <jcoxon> bloody gpsd is being annoying
[18:46] <jcoxon> while i can cat ttyS2 and see the nmea data stream
[18:46] <jcoxon> gpsd seems to destroy ttyS2 and not be able to access it
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[21:23] <jcoxon> hey all
[21:23] <jcoxon> hey HenryHallam
[21:43] <HenryHallam> hi James
[21:43] <HenryHallam> saw your post on logistics, sounds like a pretty good plan
[21:46] <HenryHallam> I'd like to experiment with a set of PMR446 radios though, if they can work over ~25 miles in free air then it might be worth following the balloon as it goes, either by plane or on the ground
[21:46] <HenryHallam> we had a really nice flight today, got up to 10,000ft
[21:50] <jcoxon> oh cool
[21:50] <jcoxon> right
[21:50] <jcoxon> am in the process of fixing gpsd to work properly on my gumstix
[21:51] <jcoxon> also Pegasus' camera arrived today
[21:51] <HenryHallam> cool
[21:51] <HenryHallam> what's the camera?
[21:52] <jcoxon> oh its the same make as Pegasus' I camera
[21:52] <jcoxon> its a premier
[21:52] <jcoxon> 3MP though claims 6 with software thingy
[21:52] <jcoxon> its seriously light
[21:52] <jcoxon> and easy to hack up
[21:52] <HenryHallam> nice
[21:52] <jcoxon> also my parachutes arrived today
[21:52] <HenryHallam> wow, all falling into place
[21:52] <HenryHallam> lemme know if you want to drop test one
[21:53] <jcoxon> :-D
[21:53] <jcoxon> right i'll brb
[21:53] <HenryHallam> ok
[21:53] <jcoxon> time for a bit of testing
[21:58] <jcoxon> yay it works :-D
[21:58] <jcoxon> finally fixed my gumstix
[21:58] <jcoxon> and got the active antenna working
[22:45] <jcoxon> oh HenryHallam
[22:45] <jcoxon> Tiger^, has ago at programming an AVR ( i think) to communicate with a nokia 5110
[22:45] <jcoxon> seems they don't do AT commands
[22:46] <Tiger^> yeah, they don't, i checked.
[22:47] <Tiger^> you have to use FBUS frames.
[22:47] <Tiger^> sucks big time.
[22:47] <jcoxon> was going to give HenryHallam a nokia 5110 to play with to get it linked up to a PIC
[22:48] <jcoxon> but perhaps its best to go on ebay and get a better phone
[22:50] <Tiger^> it is, i'd say there's no way to do this on a PIC.
[22:50] <Tiger^> and it'll be hell to do on an AVR.
[22:55] Action: jcoxon is happy as his active antenna, gps and gpsd works
[22:55] <jcoxon> now to sort out my gpsdlogger
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[23:15] icez (n=icez@ip68-3-56-121.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #highaltitude.
[23:39] <HenryHallam> ah, sorry, was afk for a bit
[23:39] <HenryHallam> hi Ice
[23:39] <icez> howdy
[23:39] <HenryHallam> is FBUS pretty bad then?
[23:40] <Tiger^> HenryHallam: yup.
[23:40] <HenryHallam> http://www.embedtronics.com/nokia/fbus.html#part2 this doesn't look too terrible at first read..
[23:43] <Tiger^> no, not at all
[23:43] <Tiger^> and then you start to code it ;>
[23:43] <Tiger^> wonder why that guy didn't publish any code on his site? ;>
[23:44] <Tiger^> not a line of actual code? ;>
[23:44] <HenryHallam> hehehe
[23:44] <Tiger^> :)
[23:45] <Tiger^> he even says he's got a piece of code sending a predefined sms
[23:46] <Tiger^> not encoding it on the fly
[23:53] <jcoxon> :-D
[23:54] <HenryHallam> http://www.programmers-corner.com/tutorial/81 how about this?
[23:54] <HenryHallam> it's VB but should be decipherable
[23:57] <HenryHallam> admittedly it looks like more work than sending AT commands but I think it's quite doable
[23:58] <HenryHallam> it's not as bad as the Garmin protocol for instance ;)
[00:00] --- Sat May 6 2006