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[03:04] <Professor> man, the tinytrack3 smt (surface mount version of the aprs interface) is a huge steaming pile of crap.
[03:05] <Professor> I fried the board by accident after trying for about the 10th time to get it talking to my pc
[03:05] <icez> some things were not meant to work:)
[03:05] <Professor> tell me about it
[03:06] <Professor> the thing uses a very common PIC microcontroller that I've used in the past. output pins are TTL/CMOS compatible
[03:06] <Professor> for serial in they use a resistor to limit current and take in +/-12 volts (or whatever the port puts out
[03:06] <Professor> for serial out they just use 0-5volts
[03:06] <Professor> I see this and try to use a level shifter (max233) and it fails because the signal is inverted going into the chip
[03:07] <Professor> all I know is I'm kinda pissed off
[03:07] <Professor> pissed to a point where I'm thinking about throwing out the balloon, computer and radio gear, etc
[03:08] <icez> i propose to take a break for a few days
[03:08] <Professor> yah, I think I will
[03:08] <Professor> this just isn't my week
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[16:29] <Professor> I ended up buying something closer to a turnkey system for dealing with position reporting
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[19:01] <Professor> werd up
[20:23] <jcoxon> hey
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