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[10:05] <jcoxon> hey malgar
[10:05] <malgar> jcoxon, ! good morning
[10:05] <jcoxon> hows it going?
[10:10] <malgar> I'm fine but i have a lot of exams and i'm tired
[10:10] <jcoxon> :(
[12:25] <malgar> did you heard about fosset? :)
[12:26] <malgar> s/heard/hear
[12:35] <jcoxon> yeah
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[15:07] <jcoxon> hey Kybernetos
[16:11] <Kybernetos> hey jcoxon!
[16:11] <Kybernetos> how's life?
[16:12] <jcoxon> good thanks
[16:12] <jcoxon> lots of work :( but am nearing Pegasus II launch date
[16:12] <jcoxon> 19 days to go
[16:12] <Kybernetos> cool!
[16:12] <Kybernetos> =D
[16:13] <jcoxon> just got hold of lots of polystyrene so am looking at putting together the payload container
[16:13] <Kybernetos> oki
[16:13] <Kybernetos> =)
[16:13] <jcoxon> while writing an essay on amnesia for psych
[16:13] <jcoxon> hehe really shouldn't try and multitask
[16:14] <Kybernetos> why not an aluminium box?
[16:14] <jcoxon> i like polystyrene :D easy to carve
[16:14] <jcoxon> and a very good insulator
[16:14] <jcoxon> and free
[16:14] <Kybernetos> oki. =)
[16:14] <Kybernetos> true
[16:15] <Kybernetos> amnesia... what exactly do you study? (=
[16:15] <jcoxon> medicine
[16:15] <jcoxon> but with the beginning of a slant towards psychology
[16:15] <jcoxon> (nothing to do with balloons!)
[16:16] <Kybernetos> to be a doctor, or a nurse, or something...?
[16:16] <jcoxon> at the end of the course i'll be a doctor
[16:16] <jcoxon> hopefully!
[16:16] <Kybernetos> what? no balloons? how are you gonna survive? ;)
[16:16] <jcoxon> :D its a good hobby
[16:16] <jcoxon> hehe
[16:16] <jcoxon> the medicine that is lol
[16:17] <Kybernetos> LOL
[16:17] <Kybernetos> naturally. ;D
[16:17] <jcoxon> Kybernetos, whats the address of your blog?
[16:17] <jcoxon> i've managed to loose it
[16:17] <Kybernetos> http://www.codewar.net/
[16:17] <Kybernetos> sorry, /cs/ for the balloon project
[16:18] <Kybernetos> still haven't html formatted it or written a proper backend though
[16:19] <jcoxon> :D
[16:19] <Kybernetos> "real men read ASCII" ?
[16:19] <Kybernetos> =)
[16:20] <jcoxon> hehe
[16:20] <Kybernetos> I wrote to the swedish aircraft authority earlier today btw... it's gonna be interesting to see what they say about permits, etc.
[16:21] <jcoxon> yeah
[16:21] <jcoxon> but i'm sure they'll be suprisingly helpful
[16:22] <jcoxon> got my temperature sensors working - should be interesting to see how it changes with altitude
[16:23] <Kybernetos> absolutely, very interesting
[16:23] <jcoxon> stuck a link to your sight on my links page
[16:23] <jcoxon> sight -> site****
[16:24] <Kybernetos> especially as it's supposed to be warmer at really high altitudes than at, for example, 10k meters. but then there is the pressure issue which affects freezing points etc... =)))
[16:25] <Kybernetos> oki
[16:25] <Kybernetos> did you get the "russian engineering" working btw?
[16:25] <jcoxon> i've got 4 channels so it will be intersting under what conditions the electronics are working at
[16:25] <jcoxon> sadly not - i've given up on trying to get it working
[16:25] <jcoxon> it was doing some crazy things like using a nixie tube at 200v or something like that to show flashes
[16:26] <jcoxon> wasn't going to risk attaching to my gumstix and frying another one
[16:27] <Kybernetos> "frying one gumstix a day keeps the doctor away" ?
[16:27] <jcoxon> if only
[16:27] <jcoxon> and another £100
[16:27] <jcoxon> hehe
[16:27] <Kybernetos> true
[16:29] <Kybernetos> I looked some more at APRS btw... it does have better coverage than I remember.
[16:30] <Kybernetos> Satphone (Iridium for instance) would still be better, but... 1000 Euros for just that part... it's "a tad" expensive.
[16:33] <jcoxon> yeah APRS would be the best in my opinion
[16:34] <jcoxon> and once ready get some other ham radio guys onboard - they'll keep an eye out for you
[16:35] <Kybernetos> true
[16:37] <Kybernetos> I went to this hobby exhibit/trade fair in nov/dec and got in touch with a few hardcore radio amateurs, so I guess I already know who to contact... =)
[16:38] <Kybernetos> but the sad thing is that aprs will hardly be able to send back images from the journey...
[16:42] <jcoxon> but its a start :D
[16:42] <jcoxon> will definitly keep track of the location
[16:51] <Kybernetos> yeah
[16:52] <Kybernetos> perhaps i could have an online cellphone & assume i'll be able to get some images once the helium disappears & it slowly descends...
[16:54] <jcoxon> thats an idea
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[17:21] <Kybernetos> wb jcoxon
[17:29] <jcoxon> :p sorry about that
[18:03] <Kybernetos> np. =)
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