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[10:26] <phatmonkey> synco: how do you determine attitude?
[10:26] <phatmonkey> that is our current problem
[10:27] <phatmonkey> we'll test IR horizon detectors, but it looks like they won't work well at a high altitude, and gyros and accelerometers will be expensive (and probably hard to code!)
[11:05] <synco> The plane flys off GPS alone, altitude inclusive.
[11:54] <phatmonkey> ah, does it stabilise itself then?
[11:54] <phatmonkey> and fly off rudder/elevator
[11:54] <phatmonkey> might be something to consider for ours I suppose...
[11:56] <phatmonkey> that'll make the autopilot much, much easier
[11:58] <phatmonkey> synco ?
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[20:41] <synco> You have heard of the KISS rule, haven't you? Keep It Simple Stupid! So unless you are an aeronautics expert, plan on doing acrobatics... I'd stick with an inherent stable plane design.
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